Penny for the Guy?

Posted in News, Rant on February 26th, 2012 by Dr. Warthan
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I’m throwing my lot in with the 99%, a.k.a. the Occupy Movement.  I have permanently dismissed my advertisers and replaced them with the Occupy supplied banner at the top, and Guy Fawkes in the eight ad spaces on the right.  I will no longer cooperate with the unprincipled rich to the best of my ability.  Though my lack of certain skills and abilities force me to buy food and products from these corporations, I can still resist.

All of this I am currently doing:

  • I will work for non-profit organizations or be self-employed.
  • I will no longer advertise and make money from this website.
  • When I do buy from corporations, I will prefer the ones who have the most morals and ethics.
  • I will prefer local small businesses.
  • I will buy used products (movies, music, games, books, cars).
  • I will not break the law or do anything unethical in retaliation.
  • I will only buy a house from an owner-carry (no banks).
  • I will continue to find new ways to resist.

I’ve got a few reasons why and some history lessons behind my motivations.  If you’d like to learn more, then continue reading. Read more »