Iron Sky: Nazi’s from the Moon

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Why?  Because it has airships in it.  And the Nazi’s ruined airships for us.  So I’m going to watch it when this movie comes out, just so I can see Nazi’s get their ass kicked.  Iron Sky tells a story of how the Nazi’s sent some backup Nazi’s to the moon to hold out and build up forces so that they could one day come back and win World War II.

Whatever.  It’s some kind of goofy Mars Attacks take on Nazi’s in some kind of post-war Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow style.  I doubt I’ll see it in the theaters unless they change up the trailers, or if I’m really bored.  Although, just looking at the poster makes we wonder exactly what will happen.

The trailer reveals Airships (oooooh), gears (aaaaaah), space stations, space battles, A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthogs, hot blonde Nazi cheerleaders, a token black guy, they blow up the Statue of Liberty, and make fun of Sarah Palin.

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Airships are Back

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Airships have made their comeback, and in more than one way.  Lockheed Martin has been developing the High Altitude Airship (HAA) which can reach 60,000 feet and provide advanced tactical information.

And there’s more.  Cargo, Passenger, Satellite, and other airships. Read more »

New Contributor!

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Hail and well met, me lovelies!

Allow me to introduce myself – I am the infamous Jamison Dao, Captain of the HRMAS Prometheus. Adventurer, scoundrel, pre-emptive salvage operator, purveyor of fine goods and worldly wonders. At your service.

The Doc’s a good man, an old friend and a wily old bastard- we go way back. Don’t ever let him deal the cards or mix the drinks. I remember this one time, we were holed up in Tunisia during the War. Stuck in a brothel, short on ammo, out of booze and a parlour full of… well, I’m getting off track.

Doc’s asked me to help him out here, show you fine, fine folk what’s going on with Steampunk art, culture, music and fashion. Plus he hoped I’d tell a few stories of my daring exploits. Might be tricky, statute of limitations on some stories is “well after everyone is dead.” Pity that, really. My safari with the King of Cashmere is quite the tale.

Tally-ho, pip pip and all that. There’s a whole world out there, kiddies. Let’s see what it can offer us

Book Review: Escapement

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Escapement, by Jay Lake.  3 Stars out of 5.  A novel set in a SteamPunk universe where the world is hollow and filled with gears, and a giant Wall dividing the world is guarded by mechanical Brass Men.  This is the sequel to Mainspring (maybe, it’s hard to tell if it’s actually a sequel).  The story follows a young girl from a tiny fishing village who wants to see more of the world, and as fate would have it, is compelled to do just that.  Soon into her journey, she learns of the great mechanical prowess of the British, and sets out for England.  However, her skills in constructing the rare Gleam attract the attentions of evil-doers, and her magnificent adventure ensues.


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Farming by Airship: Autumn Harvest

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The Omega7Red website is now officially online.  I’m out of still in web development Hell, but now I can blog away about whatever steam-powered, clockwork-wielding, vacuum-tube based, gun-carrying hottie that I want to.  And while I’m still a little unsure about what Aether is exactly, the first official blog goes to Farming.  Well, I have a farming background – Rice Farming.  Now this:

Air Farming

Almost looks like it would work.  The large manuvering fans, which look to be made of cloth and windmills, might just keep the airship lined up as it harvested the crop.  Though, I wonder what’s being used to cut and collect the crop (can’t see from this angle).  Usually, I would expect a cutting header pulled by beasts or tractor.  Anyways, it makes for a nice piece of art suitable for the kitchen, and it’s available in print.  Available for purchase here.