Campbell’s Soup Bramble

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It’s an actual model, not CG.  The detail is incredible.  The artist makes similar robots, but apparently not this one anymore.

1910 Postcard of the Future

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Yes, people back in 1910 really did think flying airships (and other things) were the future.

According to the postcards, the future included flying boats (but not anymore), chemical dinners (drugs as food), audio books via headphones (nailed it), robotic tailors (nope), overhead trains (almost), flying fire fighters with bat wings (Hell no), motorized roller skates (somebody did that and got arrested), tanks (you betcha), electric machines building buildings (pretty close), video teleconferencing (nailed it), Radium fireplaces (What?), robot barbers (not yet), electric trains (duh), robotic makeup applicators (so 5th element), drive-up fast food for flying cars (1/2 right), helicopters watching us from above (got it), more bat wings on flying traffic cops to deal with flying cars (thank goodness not), and drive-in theaters but with flying cars.

Yeah, we got robbed on the flying cars deal.  But if you think about it, people can’t drive correctly in two-dimensions.  Can you imagine some old bat-crazy lady who can’t see over the steering wheel or her Facebook Twittering grand-kid dealing with traffic in three-dimensions?

See the rest of the art via DVICE.

Steampunk Wonder Woman

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Cute…  Steampunk Wonder Woman fighting for American “Liberty”.  Too bad she’s married.  Reminds me of a girl I once dated, her name was Liberty.  She cheated on me with a girl named Chasity.

The Mouse and its Brain

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I always wondered what the brain of a mouse looked like.  We’ve seen plenty of Steampunk mice before, but this one is a little more spooky than usual.

Bioshock 2 Big Sister Costume

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Somebody has a serious hobby.  Although, I’m not sure that’s a girl in there.  Still, it’s pretty cool.

Steampunk Palin

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Yes, it’s a real comic.  It’s created by Antarctic Press who also makes President Evil, Time Lincoln, The Govinator, and others.  You can buy it from Things From Another World (TFAW) which is also where I bought my Firefly / Serenity comics.  Judging by the excerpts, it’s actually looks pretty well done.

Energy catastrophe has struck worldwide! Massive oil spills, nuclear meltdowns and more leave us desperate for viable energy sources to rebuild global society and technology.

Inspired by a little tea party, Sarah Palin hits upon the answer: steam power! She begins the ‘Steam Initiative’, touting geothermal energy as the cure for what ails ya. The heads of Big Oil and Nuclear Power are less than happy with this trend, and they send their agents to do in the Rogue Republican. Luckily, she comes prepared with a set of steam-powered armor! (Standard equipment, don’cha know.)

I have some “Independent” (Republican) friends who will love this…

Steampunk Music Video

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There’s an interesting story from some Steampunk universe in this video.  It’s certainly worth watching.

It was created by Ben Lovett, a musician, composer, producer, and artist known mostly for his work in film and TV.

Steampunk Books?

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Somebody with too much time on their hands went through the effort of creating this image.  I too, having too much time on my hands, shall analyze said image:

  • The Book of Faces- Facebook
  • XML Engines – Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a set of rules for encoding documents in machine-readable form, used in modern programming and leveraged heavily in web development.
  • Machine Code – What people used to call the code of a program after it was compiled.
  • Piston ++ – C++ is a statically typed, free-form, multi-paradigm, compiled, general-purpose programming language.  C# (pronounced “sea sharp”) is better.
  • The Web that Encompassed the Earth – World Wide Web, or WWW, which is the early name for the Internet.  Sounds like a 1950’s horror movie.
  • The Internet- Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Internet is.  They must be shown.
  • Steam for Dummies – I Googled “Steampunk for Dummies” and Omega7Red was listed #1.  What??
  • B3TA Manuel – Probably a reference to the B3TA newsletter, which does have some funny stuff.
  • Victorian Twitterings – Twitter 

Jules Verne Google Doodle

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Google is paying tribute to Jules Verne’s 183rd birthday by creating an interactive Google Doodle based on
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas.

If you missed it, you can check it out in Google’s Doodle History.  If you have an iOS device such as an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, you can move your device to change the angle of the viewpoint in the Doodle.  Traditional browser users can use the joystick to change the view.

Steam Engine Turn-Table

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It’s a steam-driven turn-table.  I wonder how good it is.  You see, I have an audiophile speaker business and I’m always into the high-end stuff.  I’d like to hook it up to my tube-amp and my Brodmann Acoustics Vienna Classic VC7 speakers ($26,000/pair).

Built by a New Zealand based steampunk artist called Asciimation, the turntable features a a small steam engine he built from spare bits he had in his garage, The platter speed is controlled by a servo which uses a coil to read six magnets under the platter, with everything controlled by an Anduino processor.

Somebody buy it for me and I’ll hook it up to my stuff and let you know.