The Pi Apocalypse

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Next apocalypse is scheduled for March 14, 2015, 9:26:53am. This event is known as “The Pi Apocalypse“, because the date aligns to the value of Pi perfectly, 3.141592653. On that day, our planet will explode and we will all DIE, as represented by the Pi equation and predicted by Albert Einstein.

“Pi Day” (3/14) is celebrated every year by the Cult of Pi. However, the upcoming Pi Day in 2015 is mathematically accurate to 10 to the 13th digits as calculated by a super-computer algorithm in 2011. Albert Einstein’s birthday is also on 3/14 (Pi Day), and he predicted this terminal event in his “quantized atomic vibrations” theory. Einstein never directly said it, but he hinted that harmonic oscillations between atoms are continuously creating sympathetic vibrations that generate molecular heat at an exponential rate (which explains Global Warming). As the heat grows, the Earth will contain the increasing pressure until it pops like a balloon. Knowing the rate of heat growth, and how much pressure the Earth can hold, precise mathematics produces a result of the given date.

Others have argued that the Earth will not blow up like the Death Star.  Rather, they expect that molten lava and heavy volcanic activity will cover most land masses and that ash will block out the sun, except Antarctica.   Personally, I think this is just wishful thinking to give people hope that they could survive the apocalypse as a mere extinction level event.

There will also be a pie eating contest.

Penny for the Guy?

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I’m throwing my lot in with the 99%, a.k.a. the Occupy Movement.  I have permanently dismissed my advertisers and replaced them with the Occupy supplied banner at the top, and Guy Fawkes in the eight ad spaces on the right.  I will no longer cooperate with the unprincipled rich to the best of my ability.  Though my lack of certain skills and abilities force me to buy food and products from these corporations, I can still resist.

All of this I am currently doing:

  • I will work for non-profit organizations or be self-employed.
  • I will no longer advertise and make money from this website.
  • When I do buy from corporations, I will prefer the ones who have the most morals and ethics.
  • I will prefer local small businesses.
  • I will buy used products (movies, music, games, books, cars).
  • I will not break the law or do anything unethical in retaliation.
  • I will only buy a house from an owner-carry (no banks).
  • I will continue to find new ways to resist.

I’ve got a few reasons why and some history lessons behind my motivations.  If you’d like to learn more, then continue reading. Read more »

Pearl Harbor Day

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On the morning of 7 December, 1941, the Japanese attacked the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, prompting the United States to declare war the next day. The Marine Corps honors Pearl Harbor Day with words from the USS Arizona Memorial, which commemorates the attack: “To the memory of the gallant men here entombed and their shipmates who gave their lives in action on December 7, 1941…”

Via: USMC on Facebook

Реактор словоизвержения (Yep…)

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When I look at the flag of the former USSR with its hammer and sickle flowing under the star of the Communist party, I think of gentler times when the kind hands of Lenin and Stalin brought together the farmers and industrial workers to stand as a proud people and against American imperialism.

Unfortunately, the Soviet Union fell, and in the wake of that great civilization came skin-heads, rap music, McDonalds, and now TorrentReactor.  Vicious rumors that TorrentReactor has purchased the village of Gar in Russia and renamed it to Реактор словоизвержения (Torrent Reactor) are apparently true.  There is still a small chance that this is all some kind of elaborate hoax.  What’s more disturbing is that GarTorrentReactor is not that far from the Seversk nuclear reactor.  Why?  I’ll tell you why. Read more »

Airships are Back

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Airships have made their comeback, and in more than one way.  Lockheed Martin has been developing the High Altitude Airship (HAA) which can reach 60,000 feet and provide advanced tactical information.

And there’s more.  Cargo, Passenger, Satellite, and other airships. Read more »

SteamCon II

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The SteamCon II SteamPunk Convention is scheduled for November 19th – 21st, 2010.  They’ve just announced a new website (much of it still under development), which is very nicely done.

The 1st SteamCon was a huge success.  I had sent Omega7Red’s own infamous Captain Jamison Dao of the HRMAS Prometheus to the SteamCon event.  However, he failed to report back.  Apparently, he was killed in a duel, most violently.  (hit the more to read on) Read more »

New Contributor!

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Hail and well met, me lovelies!

Allow me to introduce myself – I am the infamous Jamison Dao, Captain of the HRMAS Prometheus. Adventurer, scoundrel, pre-emptive salvage operator, purveyor of fine goods and worldly wonders. At your service.

The Doc’s a good man, an old friend and a wily old bastard- we go way back. Don’t ever let him deal the cards or mix the drinks. I remember this one time, we were holed up in Tunisia during the War. Stuck in a brothel, short on ammo, out of booze and a parlour full of… well, I’m getting off track.

Doc’s asked me to help him out here, show you fine, fine folk what’s going on with Steampunk art, culture, music and fashion. Plus he hoped I’d tell a few stories of my daring exploits. Might be tricky, statute of limitations on some stories is “well after everyone is dead.” Pity that, really. My safari with the King of Cashmere is quite the tale.

Tally-ho, pip pip and all that. There’s a whole world out there, kiddies. Let’s see what it can offer us

Update RSS Subscriptions

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Moving the site to the new server broke the RSS subscriber feeds.  If you were subscribed before I moved the site, then you will probably have to delete your old feed and resubscribe.  If you got this post in your RSS, then you’re ok.  Sorry for the trouble.

Idiots! Here Comes Book Burning

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America’s entire science-fiction history in full of stories warning of a dystopian future where books are outlawed, art is destroyed, and the punishment for reading poetry is death.  Who ever though that having “electronics books” was a good idea?  Not me, and here’s the proof:

Kindle Deleted

Talk about irony. In an Orwellian moment, owners of Amazon’s Kindle discovered that their recently purchased copies of George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm had been deleted by Amazon. Apparently, a third-party retailer who specializes in selling public-domain books used Amazon’s self-service platform to sell copies of two Orwell titles. Unfortunately, those books aren’t public domain in the U.S.A. Read more »

Blog Migration

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I’m currently migrating the blog from one hosting company to another.  Naturally, things don’t go smoothly.  Forgive the ugliness until I get my stuff fixed.