Our favorite Steampunk Tease Kato seems to have something fun planned for our entertainment.  I wish I knew exactly what SteamGirl was, but from what I can see it involves rocket packs, ray guns, and strong Steampunk overtones.

I’ve got a little more to show you…

Kato’s and sites are both under construction, promising more “something”.  Kato is also the person modeling some of the fabulous attire at Steampunk Couture.  But it looks like we’ll just have to follow her facebook and wait for an update.  Or I could just ask her point blank:

Hey Kato, what’s with SteamGirl?  Give me an exclusive and I’ll knock out one my ad squares for you, free and permanent (Guy Fawkes will just have to suck it up).  And if you need an I.T. guy with a web development hobby to hook up your sites, I’m your Doctor.

By the way, that drill is electric.  Shame on you for using “electric” tools… Or, High-5?


About the Author: Dr. Warthan:
Known as the Magnanimous and Beneficent Doctor Warthan, I disseminate the propaganda of SteamPunk through a special series of psychological formulae that I have designated Omega7Red.
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