Penny for the Guy?

I’m throwing my lot in with the 99%, a.k.a. the Occupy Movement.  I have permanently dismissed my advertisers and replaced them with the Occupy supplied banner at the top, and Guy Fawkes in the eight ad spaces on the right.  I will no longer cooperate with the unprincipled rich to the best of my ability.  Though my lack of certain skills and abilities force me to buy food and products from these corporations, I can still resist.

All of this I am currently doing:

  • I will work for non-profit organizations or be self-employed.
  • I will no longer advertise and make money from this website.
  • When I do buy from corporations, I will prefer the ones who have the most morals and ethics.
  • I will prefer local small businesses.
  • I will buy used products (movies, music, games, books, cars).
  • I will not break the law or do anything unethical in retaliation.
  • I will only buy a house from an owner-carry (no banks).
  • I will continue to find new ways to resist.

I’ve got a few reasons why and some history lessons behind my motivations.  If you’d like to learn more, then continue reading.

Guy Fawkes was the only man to enter Parliament with honest intentions.  Having failed at the “gunpowder treason and plot”, Fawkes was executed quite horribly, and burned in effigy every year since.  His legacy victim to being on the losing side of a resistance movement.  But much like the Kill-Dozer guy, you sometimes just have to sacrifice yourself to stick it to the rich and corrupt.  Fascinating history aside and long-story short, Guy Fawkes’ Mask has become the symbol of the people resisting corporate evil and the corrupt government that enables them.  And to quote his favorite comic book and movie (V for Vendetta), “people should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people.”  The mask has also become the internet meme of the hacker group Anonymous; a decentralized group of elite hackers who fight censorship and generally support revolutionary activities including Occupy Wall Street.

Class Warfare goes all the way back to the Coal Creek War.  The coal company (rich) paid their employees in company script which could only be spent at company stores (with jacked up prices) or redeemed for real money for far less than 100%.  The coal company also used “company” checkweighman to weigh the coal which determined how much the miners got paid.  State law already prohibited both of these practices.  The coal miners (poor) only wanted to be paid cash and use their own checkweighmen.  The miners stop working and asked the Governor to enforce the law.  The Governor responded by sending in the National Guard.

At the end of the day, the coal companies and government had their private little war with hard working Americans who despite other conditions were triggered by the use of the “Convict Leasing System”.  This was in 1891.  Since the abolishment of slavery, a more enigmatic system of substitute slavery was created that lasted into the 1950’s.  Arrest people on BS charges, send them to prison, and rent them out as labor.

Cave Creek War is not the only example.  There’s also the 1914 Ludlow Massacre where three different fuel companies organized the  Colorado National Guard to attack a tent city of 1200 striking coal miners.  The miners retaliated in force ultimately resulting in 200 deaths.  Ultimately, the striking miners were replaced.  400 miners were arrested and charged with murder.  12 enlisted and 10 officers were court-martialed but then acquitted, save one who got a slap on the wrist.

Violence seems to be the only way to change.  If we look at recent events such as Libya and Egypt, we see that armed resistance works.  However, if we look at 2012 Bahrain Uprising which you won’t see on CNN but only from non-USA free media sources such as Al Jezeera (video here); you will see that peaceful protests don’t do squat, and that the USA being the heroes of Democracy and Freedom don’t care enough to screw with their oil supply (controlled by the rich).  In fact, with the corporations and the government working together, we don’t even hear about it on CNN, Fox News, or any other USA news outlet.

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini, National Facist Party, First Marshall of the Empire, Italian Social Republic, Axis Powers, 1943.

Now I don’t like playing the “fascist” card as it is done way too often.  But think about this:  Fascists don’t like Socialism or Communism of the kind that was done in the Soviet Union.  Fascists prefer Capitalism allowing them to control as much money as possible while avoiding social responsibility, which makes sense.  That’s exactly where we are today.  The corporations buy politicians and everybody knows it.  That’s it, that’s Fascism, it’s that simple.  It’s not ObamaCare or Illegal Immigration or Abortion or Gay Rights or if the Catholic Church should pay for Birth Control.  It’s money from Super PAC’s, million-dollar lawyers, total control of the media, and they sucker us into it.

They lie to us from a hundred different angles and we buy it.  They hold us hostage with mortgages and health insurance.  They convince us that the rich are the victims who are forced to pay the most taxes.  They use proof of inequality against the poor as proof of inequality against the rich.  They convince us that trickle-down-economics (or giving money to the rich first) works.  Well, it does work.  It trickles down to India and China.  How about trickle-up?  That is you give the poor the money first, and then we’ll just see how many poor people fly to India and China to do their shopping.  How about if you want our money then you work for it?

Passive resistance means one thing to the rich:  Money.  We can’t stop buying gas, clothes, food, and go live off the grid eating tree sap.  But if we look at what we’re spending money on, we can find ways to deny the rich.  Some things my wife and I do that result in huge savings include:

  • Re-usable Silicone Diva Cup instead of Tampons or pads [huge savings].
  • Gaia brand Vitex Elixir instead of Birth Control pills for monthly regulation only with added benefit of not pumping artificial hormones into the body [huge savings].
  • Vasectomy instead of Birth Control Pills [helps with above].
  • No children (they’re just consumers from the day they’re born).
  • No bank-held mortgage, no rent [break even].
  • No debt from credit cards or loans [significant savings].
  • Credit Unions instead of regular Banks [mildly inconvenient].
  • Shop at local natural foods store [costly but healthier].
  • Shop at local farmers market  [costly but healthier].
  • No fast food [huge savings, much healthier].
  • If you smoke, buy it from the Indians [sticks it to the Man].
  • No Cable or Satellite TV [Netflix and Hulu are “less” evil].
  • We never shop Wal-Mart or other “big box” stores, they run small businesses out of town and are the very symbol of corporate greed.
  • Constantly look at the monthly recurring costs to see if there’s a better way to take money from the corporations.

But I don’t know how a bunch of “Occupy” tents lined up on the streets of every town in America will make any kind of difference at all.  The rich will just drive by and not look at them.  Most of the poor will continue doing little else than complaining about it on Facebook.  If the tents actually annoys the rich, they’ll just call the Police who will remove them (as has already been done many times).  History has shown that the rich prefer to kill the poor before giving back their ill-gotten money.  History shows that the poor have to kill the rich for change to occur.  The rich will never surrender their money because the poor asked nicely.  Why would they?  They never have before in the history of mankind.  Someday soon the rich will force the poor to revolt.  The Occupy resistance will inspire an armed response.  On that day, I will be proud to be an American once again.

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Known as the Magnanimous and Beneficent Doctor Warthan, I disseminate the propaganda of SteamPunk through a special series of psychological formulae that I have designated Omega7Red.
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