New Contributor!

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Hail and well met, me lovelies!

Allow me to introduce myself – I am the infamous Jamison Dao, Captain of the HRMAS Prometheus. Adventurer, scoundrel, pre-emptive salvage operator, purveyor of fine goods and worldly wonders. At your service.

The Doc’s a good man, an old friend and a wily old bastard- we go way back. Don’t ever let him deal the cards or mix the drinks. I remember this one time, we were holed up in Tunisia during the War. Stuck in a brothel, short on ammo, out of booze and a parlour full of… well, I’m getting off track.

Doc’s asked me to help him out here, show you fine, fine folk what’s going on with Steampunk art, culture, music and fashion. Plus he hoped I’d tell a few stories of my daring exploits. Might be tricky, statute of limitations on some stories is “well after everyone is dead.” Pity that, really. My safari with the King of Cashmere is quite the tale.

Tally-ho, pip pip and all that. There’s a whole world out there, kiddies. Let’s see what it can offer us

The Cake is a Lie…

Posted in Game on August 12th, 2009 by Dr. Warthan
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Cake and grief counseling will be available at the conclusion of the test.  WANT!  My new hero at (never heard of him before) made a “Companion Cube” cupboard.  The Companion Cube is a surprisingly overly popular prop from the game Portal.  Portal is one of the games from The Orange Box, and is separately available from the XBox Live Arcade.  If you have a 360, get the Portal demo on XBLA, it’s a very fun game…

Companion Cube

Anyways, the carpenter here has thoroughly documented how to create one for yourself.  Get info on The Orange Box too.  Portal is one of the funnest games I’ve ever played…

Update RSS Subscriptions

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Moving the site to the new server broke the RSS subscriber feeds.  If you were subscribed before I moved the site, then you will probably have to delete your old feed and resubscribe.  If you got this post in your RSS, then you’re ok.  Sorry for the trouble.


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Oh man.  Super nice models of the Nautilus (Disney version) from the Nautilus Drydocks (go there for more pictures).  I’m loowking at the 66-inch model, and there’s exceptional attention to detail.  You could almost shoot with this as the hero model.  Even the wheelhouse is fully detailed.


They even have additional options to convert it to a Radio Controlled sub that can go into the water.  But you’ll never catch me putting such a toy into the drink.  Knowing my luck, somebody with a model HMS Warrior would come along and sink my sub.

Valve Amp for the Audiophile

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There’s a lot of buzz on the popular, tech blogs about the new T-2 amplifier from Neuhaus Labs.  It’s built on vacuum tubes and hand-wound transformers.  I’ve got about 14 years in the Pro Audio and Video manufacturing industries, so naturally I was very curious to look at the T-2.  Short answer:  It’s a WIN!  Here’s my opinion.

T2 Amp Front

Read more »

Idiots! Here Comes Book Burning

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America’s entire science-fiction history in full of stories warning of a dystopian future where books are outlawed, art is destroyed, and the punishment for reading poetry is death.  Who ever though that having “electronics books” was a good idea?  Not me, and here’s the proof:

Kindle Deleted

Talk about irony. In an Orwellian moment, owners of Amazon’s Kindle discovered that their recently purchased copies of George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm had been deleted by Amazon. Apparently, a third-party retailer who specializes in selling public-domain books used Amazon’s self-service platform to sell copies of two Orwell titles. Unfortunately, those books aren’t public domain in the U.S.A. Read more »

Blog Migration

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I’m currently migrating the blog from one hosting company to another.  Naturally, things don’t go smoothly.  Forgive the ugliness until I get my stuff fixed.